Tech Transfer Think Tank

Eclettica-Akura handled the entire communication of a top-level project dedicated to the theme of Tech Transfer, organised by Jacobacci & Partners that developed into an international level convention involving high-profile speakers.

The Agency created name, logo, corporate image, website and print and web advertising campaign, as well as all materials for the 4T set-up (Tech Transfer Think Tank).

The choice of the name originated from the repetition of the initial letter T in relation to the conference theme and the type of project, with a view to going beyond the limited dimension of the event and becoming a permanent think tank.

Since the theme of Tech Transfer concerns relations between the world of university research and businesses, the creative concept represents the two areas by combining pairs of colours, shapes and images that create a close compositional relationship with each other. A dualism based on different signs that intertwine to form a common feature representing both players. Juxtaposed images that recount the ongoing dialogue between the two realities. Separate colours but with chromatic affinity, to underline a harmonious and vibrant combination of institutional prestige.