Ferrero To mark the web debut of Ferrero, Italy’s confectionery giant, Eclettica created the first site, also inaugurating the on-line space of various Ferrero high-profile products, such as Estathé and Tic-Tac. Continuing to work on various fronts, the agency subsequently participated in many corporate projects, such as the Ferrero Careers site and numerous mini-sites […]

New institutional website

New institutional website The institutional website of Procter&Gamble is on-line in Italy, the national portal of the multinational group of consumer products operating in 80 countries. Developed by Eclettica-Akura, it is the work of an international team that also involved the parent company P&G in Cincinnati (USA). The agency performed a fine job of drafting […]

Site for database marketing

Site for database marketing The agency has designed the IAMS product site which, developed in Flash mode, is divided into two sections dedicated respectively to dogs and cats and hosts special offers, competitions, newsletters and chat rooms, with a high database marketing profile.  


TeleIams Iams “tv” is a theme-based on-line channel dedicated to animals, part of a project with educational aims.

Illustrated and animated website

Illustrated and animated website Italy’s number one producer of anti-limescale cleaners makes its web debut with Eclettica-Akura, with truly sparkling results. The stylish, beautifully-designed graphics enhance the supremely functional layout of the contents, which present the characteristics of the product range, starting from the customer’s real needs. In three different domestic settings users can discover […]

New web site

New web site We created a new space online devoted to advice and information on home furnishing and care of the home. Literally “immersed” in design settings, the website is characterized by alternating images in the background and a modular floating window with the content easily updatable via an intuitive content management system (CMS).


Sperlari Sperlari, the famous Cremona-based sweets manufacturer, entrusted the design of its web site to Eclettica-Akura. The web space, designed in Flash technology, is divided into thematic areas dedicated to the history and numerous brand name products as well as corporate communications and Spelari contests. A white background is perfect for offsetting the images of […]