Frafiledu New brand identity for a luxury holiday location Eclettica-Akura created the logo and new website for the Tenuta Frafiledu, a luxury resort in Sardinia. Surrounded by nature, yet only minutes from the crystal clear sea of Sardinia, Frafiledu offers tourists from all over the world the opportunity of staying in charming villas in the […]

OPIV Mark and corporate image

OPIV Mark and corporate image In 2016 the Cesare Pavese Foundation presented OPIV, Observatory on Industrial and Intellectual Property in the wine sector and the wine and food technology sector. The Observatory aims to examine issues relating to industrial and intellectual property, in terms of protecting local excellences and the enhancement of products and services […]

At Expo with Langhe

At Expo with Langhe Eclettica-Akura took the territory of Alba Bra Langhe and Roero, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to Expo Milano 2015. The Agency, in fact, was responsible for the graphic personalisation of the stand provided by Eataly. The image created for the event, a tribute to the hills dotted with vineyards and beautiful […]

Brand and brochure for castles

Brand and brochure for castles A new client for Eclettica-Akura: the Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta (Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley) for which the Turin-based agency has followed up an important communication project targeting the circuit of castles. Although a well-known tourist destination for many years, the castles of the Aosta have never, to-date, been […]

Coordinated image for music festival

Coordinated image for music festival EA has conceived the coordinated image of “Architettura di note”, a festival in which musical entertainment is organized in places to be rediscovered in order to merge music and architecture in a single experience. The visual created by the agency is a huge note that includes an architectural element, an […]


Cuochidoc Create a network of top flight restaurants in Piedmont in order to promote local cuisine: this is the brief of the project financed by the Region of Piedmont and implemented by the Il Filare association. Our communication agency has followed up the initiative from the outset, creating Cuochidoc naming and logo and also providing […]

Regione Piemonte – Artò logo

Regione Piemonte – Artò logo The Eclettica-Akura communication agency has designed the new image of Artò, the Expo of excellence in art and craft design, selecting a key visual that suggests a personification of the event in the form of a hyper-stylised character who speaks in the first person and declares that his name is […]

Tourist maps

Tourist maps The agency has continued to fuel its commitment to territorial communication, developing a suite of handy, easy to consult tourist maps for Turismo Torino e Provincia that combine the detail of street maps with useful information for exploring the territory. From the Via Francigena to adventure trekking, without forgetting cycle touring, there is […]

FB Fanpage for brand promotion

FB Fanpage for brand promotion Eclettica-Akura, always attentive to trends of the web and 2.0 communication, has projected the Sete di Jaipur brand into the world of the most famous fashion bloggers. The agency has developed projects designed to insert the brand in a relationship of direct participation with web users, starting from creation of […]

Fondazione Accorsi

Fondazione Accorsi Eclettica-Akura has been involved in the restyling of the Fondazione Accorsi website which is now complete and detailed and, at the same time, clear and easy to navigate. The site, which comprises various sections accessed from the Home Page, displays a series of rotating, particularly eye-catching images of the inside of the museum […]

“Multi-channel” project

“Multi-channel” project The idea behind the “multi-channel” project developed by Eclettica-Akura for Turismo Torino e Provincia targeted original, low-budget promotion of winter tourism traffic towards small winter ski resorts in the Alps around Turin. To arouse citizens’ curiosity and interest, an ambient marketing campaign has been organized in the streets of various North Italian cities, […]

La Corona di Delizie

La Corona di Delizie Eclettica-Akura has won the tender called by Turismo Torino and the Province and Region of Piedmont for design of the promotional brochure of the Corona di Delizie, the tourist circuit that links the Savoy Royal residences, declared Patrimony of Mankind by UNESCO. The winning proposal is based on a signature graphic-illustrative element […]