We have developed two interesting web marketing initiatives for Dierre SpA, a world leader in the manufacture of security doors:

1) a Store Locator application that allows users, with a few clicks, to find their closest retailer in Italy and in the world. Simple and intuitive, the Store Locator is not only an essential tool in the relationship with the end customer, but is also a way to enhance retailer loyalty and provide them with an incentive, by publishing photos of their showrooms or current promotions within the application.
An additional form of information for the B2C user and at the same time an opportunity for retail outlets to advertise themselves with a high-profile target.
Dierre Store Locator www.dierre.it/rivenditori

2) We handled the various AdWords campaigns for Dierre, aimed at promoting specific products within the company’s vast range of items. With a very modest budget compared to other forms of promotion, one can intercept web users when they conduct searches on Google relating to the company’s products and direct them to a clear and effective landing page. The Agency offered its advice in selecting keywords relevant to creating messages for AdWords, and in producing a budget that would allow the best results in terms of visits and conversions.
Specific, well-structured ads led to an increase in site visits of 118%, with CTR rates close to 5% and with a gradual lowering of the CPC.
Landing page: www.dierre.com/it/porte/porte-di-sicurezza/hibrylanding

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