Jacobacci & Associati – Space for art

A new concept for the communication of Jacobacci&Associati, the law firm founded by Fabrizio Jacobacci specialising in the defence of intellectual property.

Starting with the “Contemporary IP” payoff, Eclettica-Akura performed a complete restyling of the website and corporate brochure, inspired by the extraordinary Jacobacci collection of contemporary art.
The minimal design of the site is developed in a modular sequence, where details of the works of art provide the background and leitmotif of the entire structure, affording a professional image that becomes a manifesto on the Law Firm’s areas of activity. Delicate lines and cool colours, contrasting with the dark red logo, are associated with geometric-style icons that complement the design of the new website.
The corporate brochure in A4 format with 4 panels, was organised with the new concept created using the artwork as the background and link with the site restyling design.