We are a communication agency that moves smoothly between technique and creativity, because the digital ecosystem is our natural environment.

We are digital by vocation, since before the Internet boom. On the market since multimedia meant CD-Rom, we were one of the first Italian web agencies and over the years we have made from websites to applications, from games to online contests.
We are constantly evolving, because communication never stops. We have always been exploring the frontiers of new media with passion. Now that the Internet is everywhere thanks to smartphones and the web has become a world made up of people with social networks, we are ready to take full advantage of the new potential of digital.

Eclettica-Akura is a communication agency that has always been active on the web, with an eye on the world of social networks, always evolving. Do not improvise yourself social media manager: choose to rely on a team of professionals who will plan a strategy to manage the presence of your brand online, creating impact content, constantly monitoring pages and, if necessary, developing applications, competitions or promotions and managing targeted advertising campaigns.


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