Animated presentation of an app

Animated presentation of an app Eclettica-Akura has created the illustrations and animations for the video presentation of the new My SPC APP.

Special Pack Grand Marnier-Venchi

Special Pack Grand Marnier-Venchi Diageo assigned E.A. the task of studying the new special pack for two of its top-quality players. For the first time Grand Marnier has offered a tasting-pack that includes a range of specially-designed chocolates by Venchi. A project targeting the increasing number of consumers interested in top-quality food products. The concept […]

Jacobacci & Partners – Communication concept

Jacobacci & Partners – Communication concept Jacobacci & Partners, Italian leader in the intellectual property sector, has decided to dedicate 2012 to the topic of partnership, a concept fully aligned with the values of the company which considers partnership to be a relationship of trust with clients and also a concept shared internally. Eclettica-Akura, J&P’s […]

Turismo Torino

Turismo Torino The idea behind the “multi-channel” project developed by Eclettica-Akura for Turismo Torino e Provincia targeted original, low-budget promotion of winter tourism traffic towards small winter ski resorts in the Alps around Turin. To arouse citizens’ curiosity and interest, an ambient marketing campaign has been organized in the streets of various North Italian cities, […]

New website and APP

New website and APP With Eclettica-Akura’s support,  Assointerpeti, the association of simultaneous and consecutive interpreters set up in 1974, has created a real “digital ecosystem”, distributed on various platforms, with the aim of creating a suite of services addressing members and clients, students and all those involved in various forms of interpreting (events, translations, etc.) […]

Duracell Act

Duracell Act Follow the path through the woods with your finger, shake your iPhone to skip obstacles and to capture the energy circles on the touch screen. The games designed by Eclettica-Akura exploit all the capabilities of today’s trendiest Smartphones and, at the same time, highlight the plusses of the new Duracell Active Charge batteries […]


GTT Eclettica-Akura won the GTT communications tender for the centennial of Torino’s public transport system. The project began with a study of the coordinated image and included a study of the event trademark, the format of the major photographic exhibition that transformed the porticos of the city into a public gallery, and all pertinent communications […]

Vertical Tour

Vertical Tour The site of the 2010 edition of the Jägermeister Vertical Tour, the itinerant event dedicated to Winter sports and freestyle organized by Event’s Way, is now on-line.  The web site video and animations convey all the energy and dynamism of freestyle, involving the user in a thrilling, breath-taking experience. All the details of […]


Ferrero To mark the web debut of Ferrero, Italy’s confectionery giant, Eclettica created the first site, also inaugurating the on-line space of various Ferrero high-profile products, such as Estathé and Tic-Tac. Continuing to work on various fronts, the agency subsequently participated in many corporate projects, such as the Ferrero Careers site and numerous mini-sites […]

Advergames for web marketing Advergames for web marketing Duracell explores the new frontiers of web marketing, launching an online game, a form of interactive communication that actively involves the user and which is deployed virally on the web via word of mouth. Street Traceurs is a game inspired by parkour, a street sport now protagonist of the new Duracell commercial. […]


Eclettica-Akura A selection of packaging and POS materials works made for: – Abac– Bottega Verde– Diageo– Eurodough– Mattioli Gioielli– Moré– Niga Calze– Pan– Reda– Rippa– Visa

Jacobacci & Associati

Jacobacci & Associati Multimedia greeting cards that, using 3D data processing and sophisticated video effects, transmits a traditional message in an innovative, surprising format.


Pininfarina The Maserati Birdcage 75th is a concept car constructed by Pininfarina in cooperation of  Maserati and Motorola to celebrate its 75 years of history. The car features an innovative vehicle/user interaction and communication system developed by Pininfarina with Motorola: using Bluetooth technology, it exchanges information with the user and everything surrounding the vehicle; facia, […]

TicTac Kingsize

TicTac Kingsize Modeling and data processing in 3D are the ideal instrument to present the new Kingsize packages of TicTac: inside an elegant case, the new TicTac packages are wrapped in transparent colored parchment…


Fiat Two projects that have marked a turnaround in communication to journalists: no longer just press folders but interactive CD-ROMs that fully integrate their contents in an interesting manner. For the launch of a new version of the Punto, Eclettica-Akura, together with Satiz-MSX, designed an impressively-sized press release containing an easy to consult CD-ROM with […]


Eclettica-Akura Eclettica-Akura has been designing Christmas greetings both for the agency and clients for some years, without any restrictions on creativity or type of instrument to be used: elegant personalised cards to be sent by post or e-mail, videos, Flash animations up to and including dedicated mini-sits, m-sites, Facebook or iPhone apps.

Making gadgets online

Making gadgets online The website adds a new gadget: it’s an amusing kit you can use to customize Windows Messenger, one of the most widely used instant messaging programs. Eclettica-Akura has animated a 3D version of Duracell’s celebrated bunny mascot and has produced a set of backgrounds, icons and emoticons that you can download free from […]